Our sustainability policy

Our goals

  • Integrate sustainability into the advice and solutions we offer our customers.
  • Consciously handle the environmental and social impact of our own business for the benefit of all our stakeholders.
  • Be an active and responsible participant in the places where we work.

Our commitments

  • Ensure that we comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding society, businesses and the environment.
  • Provide a workplace that is healthy and safe for every employee and stakeholder wherever in the world we work.
  • Strive to motivate our staff to constantly develop, and to always weigh the company's sustainability policy into its work.
  • Ask our suppliers to demand that the goods and services we purchase comply with our high standards of durability.
  • To contribute to a world that takes into account economic, social and environmental sustainability, we want to support various charities and other forms of activity that work towards the same goal.